Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wearing Pajamas When Doing School

Today is one of those days. I slept in today, and eventually climbed down the ladder out of my bed, tried not to step on the books and clothes on the floor, and sat down at my computer with a bowl of cereal. Today is one of those Saturdays where I have homework to do as well as other chores. Hey, I've been busy. That's why I'm still wearing pajamas at 3:30.

The fact that you can wear PJs to school when it's not "Pajama Day" is a huge plus for homeschooling. Pajamas are way more comfortable and often more fun. And sometimes, you're just tired and don't want to put on normal clothes. That's ok, my friend. Be proud of it.

Here's the thing: no one who sees you at home cares what you look like. So why dress up? Why not wear PJs all the time? Only this year, one of my online classes is actually a video conference, so I have to put on real clothes for that. Yea.

You're homeschooled.... zzzzZZzZzzz...


  1. I love doing school in my pj's. . . Although sometimws I don't accomplish much cause I'm so cozy. . .


  2. What if you have a child who sleeps in their clothes and wears them while doing school the next day? Does that count as pajama day, everyday? Or too lazy to put my pajamas on at night and well I'm already dressed so I might as well just leave my clothes on while I do school day? Hmmmmmm???????

  3. Jordan is a special case in many areas. :)