Thursday, September 22, 2011

Calling People By Their Last Names

Last week or so, I had a weird dream. What's particularly odd is that I didn't realize it was a dream until very recently when I decided I wanted to write this post and I thought, Oh! I have a great story for that. Then I realized that that story never really happened. I decided to tell it anyway.
(By the way, if I'm just crazy and it wasn't a dream and you're like, "Umm, Chandler, that wasn't a dream. I was there." then please, don't tell anyone.)

So anyway. In my dream I was at some... place with a lot of homeschoolers. Everyone was calling everyone by their last names. And I commented to someone how ridiculous it is to call a homeschooler by his last name when there are a ton of his little siblings in the room who will also respond.

Yea, that was my story. The intro was longer. That's pretty pathetic.

REGARDLESS, the point still stands. Lots of people like to call lots of people by their last names. At first I noticed it with this one kid, then my debate coach, and then everyone. I don't know why. Even I have almost picked up this habit a couple of times. Almost. And again, the last name thing can get confusing because there are probably a bunch of people with the same name.

Maybe because homeschoolers are so un-cool, we feel like we have to make up for it somehow and calling people by their last names is supposedly cool? I don't know. I don't think if anyone called me "Lasch" their awesomeness would increase or anything. I really don't get you people.

You're homeschooled, and I should call you _(insert your last name here.)
Hopefully I pronounced it correctly.

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