Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tim Hawkins- Carey Vandewalle

(I have here an excellent guest post written by my good friend Carey Vandewalle. It's pretty much awesome. I hope you agree.)

One of the best things about Christian Homeschooled Speech and Debate Kids is how much we love to laugh/giggle/poke fun at ourselves.  I mean, you’d almost think we didn’t know how to make jokes about anything else.
Whether it’s because one of us is being genius or ridiculous, smooth or awkward, someone else is bound to point out the obviously hilarious fact: said individual must have been—you guessed it!—homeschooled.
I bet that’s why we like Tim Hawkins.
Not only does he homeschool his own kids (and you remember the oath we all had to swear before not getting on the bus: be ever intensely loyal and partial to our own) but he also makes fun of us.  And we love that.

Any comedian who devotes an entire music video to memorializing the quirks, awesomeness, and violence involved in being “A Homeschool Family” (snap, snap) is bound to be profoundly appreciated.

If you’re suffering from ADD and just don’t have the time, I’m sorry.  But for the rest of you, that’s not all!

Even more than laughing at ourselves, we like it when people hear about how dang smart we all are.  Tim has pointed this out.  While making a series of jokes comparing Christians to Satanists to Atheists to Agnostics, Tim kindly remembered that not every celebration-style categorized soul in his audience was fortunate enough to be homeschooled.  “Homeschoolers, explain to your neighbor what agnostic means.” He drawled.   How we roared.
Ah, yes.  He recognizes our inherent intelligence.  That’s funny.  I’m not sure why, but it is.  But then, not much of homeschool humor makes sense, anyway.  We know it, and Tim knows it.  That’s why we quote his skits verbatim, burst helplessly into giggles when hapless and well-meaning people pray for a “Hedge of Protection,” and sing his songs over and over.  Especially “The Government Can”  because it makes fun of the government, something else we homeschoolers love to do.
You’re homeschooled, and though of course you never listen to The Beatles, you know what Tim Hawkins likes to “Imagine.”


  1. =) Oh, Carey. You have outdone yourself here. This was a brilliantly written, funny post. Thank so much for making me smile. =)

  2. What do you mean, suffering from ADD?? I enjoy every minute of it! (Seriously, I consider ADD to be the greatest gift God could ever have given me. It isn't a disorder, it was misnamed.)

    You'll probably think I'm insane for this, but I don't know who Tim Hawkins is. (But I'm listening to Imagine right now, thinking that I may be listening to a lot more of him soon, and I never listen to the Beatles. My dad (sadly) does listen to the Beatles, but I protest much, and would never dream of listening to them myself).