Friday, September 30, 2011

When People Know Your Name

If someone you've never met walks up to you and calls you by name, do not be concerned. This person is likely a stalker. That's ok. You want people to stalk you. It means they've heard of you. And that means you're doing your job.

My first year, there were numerous people who I was convinced were celebrities, and they were. I recently spoke to one of them and felt kind of nervous, even though we had met before. However, I did not ask for an autograph. That would be weird. After all, I already have one.

I'm sort of kind of getting to that stage where kids I've never met or even seen somehow know me. Let me tell you people, that is exciting. I really try to get to know them too, because I like those people. I don't think I am or will ever be at "Fan Club Status" like the kids that I admire (that would be weird) but apparently people like me too. Cool.

Now, you may be thinking: Duh, Chandler, of course people know my name. We wear nametags.

...yea, I kind of didn't think of that until now. Huh.

Well, as much as I love nametags, it's more fun to assume that people would know my name without them. I suggest you go ahead and assume that too. Makes you feel kinda famous and extraspecial.

You're homeschooled. You're famous and extraspecial.


  1. *raises hand* I happen to be the most famous stalker out there. And I have stamped this post with the Great Seal of Approval. =D

  2. I love stalking and being stalked. And yes, Caroline, you are good at stalking. =)