Sunday, September 4, 2011

Having A Billion Siblings

I am a disgrace to Christian homeschooled speech-and-debate kids everywhere. Why? I only have one sibling. I know I'm not alone in this, but I still feel kind of weird when I meet kids who are one of ten. And all of them do speech and debate. And they're all really good at it. And they all beat me at everything all the time.

Ok, so that exact scenario hasn't really happened. But still. It could. Lots of people who do speech/debate have a bunch of siblings, generally ones who do speech/debate or used to and rocked at it or are timers right now but will win sweeps in about 3 years. I fear those kids. I know some of them. They're scary.

My dad comes from a family of five kids. I used to think that was a really, really big family. I no longer think that. Here it's normal.

For my first year or so in speech and debate, pretty much no one knew I had a little sister, but I do. It's just, I don't know, it kind of never came up. Only very recently did she develop an interest in speech (but not debate. -.-), so she never showed up at club meetings or even tournaments. Everyone probably thought my family consisted of me and my mom and how pathetic is that? I have a sibling! And a dad! And a dog! And Regan used to have a fish named Peter! Really! We're not that pitiable just because we don't overflow our 8 passenger car!

I kind of do wish I came from a big family, though. Most of them seem to like it. I think having a billion siblings would be superfun.

And we've all heard the theory that homeschoolers don't have any friends besides their siblings... Yea.

You're homeschooled, and never lonely.


  1. =( I wish I had siblings. =( I have a doggy, though, and she's like a sister!

    So you got to keep your dog? That's so cool! I was gonna be so sad if you had to give him up. =( =(


  2. A different dog. Unfortunately, we did have to give the little one away. But we literally got a new puppy today!! :D

  3. HE"S SO CUTE!! I want you to tell me as soon as you name him, 'cause he makes me so incredibly happy. =)