Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meeting People Outside Impromptu Rooms

Something about knowing you're going to give an impromptu soon can put you in a loopy mood. I've noticed this about myself and others. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. It's probably helpful to get into the zone, you know? And it's just fun.

There are generally a good amount of people outside of impromptu rooms. Everyone's just patiently waiting for their turn. Most people aren't particularly anxious to go, unless you're a stud who has a ton of other events to get to. Either way, people outside of impromptu rooms are cool and just like to hang out. They tell funny stories of horrible speeches of tournaments past, ask about your other events, describe earlier tournament happenings, ect. Whatever it is, it's great. I've met a lot of fun people that way.

One time I was outside a room with this kid I sort of knew and a kid I sort of didn't. They were talking to each other when I whipped out my cheat sheet list of my favorite impromptu examples to study up on and ease my mind. (Oddly enough, I used none of them in the next speech. I went a little crazy.) Next thing I know, both of the guys near me are asking "What's that?"
"Oh, just a list of some impromptu examples I like."
"Can I see?"
I don't what I was thinking, but I let them. They probably didn't steal any, but they could've. Both of them read my whole paper, front and back, complete with my later-added scribbled and barely-legible additions. They remarked on stuff ("Really? I didn't know that.") and asked questions about some notes-to-self that I had never expected any one else to lay eyes on. But whatever. My mood was a little off.

One cool thing about that round was that one of those guys went right before me. On a ballot for that speech, a judge wrote, "Your speech was one of three WOW speeches, including the one right before you." Props to that guy.

Meeting people outside any room is fun, but it's great catching them in the impromptu mode. I definitely advise it. Actually, you should try talking to me right before I give an impromptu, and see how weird I act.

Can this loopiness be cross-applied to apologetics and extemp room people? I don't know. I've never met anyone outside those rooms.
Except once when someone said he had to go "apologize, because I did something wrong," but he only said that because he was about to go give an apologetics. (Get it?) I asked, "Why, what happened?" He gave me a blank stare before I reminded him that you can't trust interpers.

You're homeschooled, and I'm definitely a little goofy right now.

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  1. I L-O-V-E meeting people outside of impromptu rooms. I have met so many friends that way.

    I do tend to get a little anti-social before an impromptu, though, because I'm usually stressing about it.

    But I still meet people. And love it. And am goofy. =)