Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hypothetical Resolutions

...a phrase which here means, "stuff we want to debate but they won't let us."
So like, not the stuff we debate about in competition. Super cool really fun stuff that would be so ridiculous the leader people would never approve.

For example:
Resolved, that the United States Federal Government significantly reform its foreign policy toward the moon.

How fun would that be?! I don't even think we have any foreign policy directly linked to the moon! Policy regarding it, maybe, but it's not the same. We could make so much stuff up and have a blast.

or for you Values people:

Resolved, when in conflict, chocolate ought to be valued over non-chocolate candies.

In which case (hahaha, "case") I would want to argue aff all the the time. It's my dream.

I know other people have dream resolutions, regarding robots, outer space in general, cadaverously themed Disney rides, ect. What are yours?

Resolved: You're homeschooled, and therefore ridiculous.

1 comment:

  1. I like the reference to romantic debates. --<3--

    hee hee. :)