Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Name Tags

One time, my mom was registering me for a tournament and accidentally entered my name as "Chandler La." I guess the Internet browser recommended adding in "Lasch" and she thought it changed it... It didn't. She got it changed for postings and breaks and stuff, but not for the name tag. (Or the certificate thing, but the tournament people were nice enough to send me a new one.)

Name tags are a beautiful invention. When random kids who know my name talk to me, I can pretend like I know their names too! Most of the time I do. Now. But only because it's on their name tag.

Essentially, there are two kinds of S&D competition name tags: the clip kind and the elastic-necklace-y kind. Personally, I prefer the elastic one. The clips tend to hang off my collar at really odd angles. Not cool. The elastic one I can tie and adjust so as to attempt a spiffy looking result.

I wish everyone wore name tags all the time, not just in tournaments. It's super convenient. And, you'll never again forget how to spell your name! Or anyone else's! Genius. If the name is correct, that is.

The moral of the story is, clip your name tag to your tournament attire with pride. Or slide the strap part over your head and try not to mess up your hair. Name tags are super handy. And I haven't even mentioned their potential as an art canvas, except for just now of course.

You're homeschooled. What's your name? Oh, never mind. It's on your name tag

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