Monday, November 28, 2011

Interps: Interpretive vs. Interpretation

Sometimes, you want to be formal with your speech names. Sometimes, the abbreviations get old. Last year, when I was asked to list some achievements of mine, I decided I'd put down how I placed at the national tournamant the previous year. However, I didn't really want to say, "20th in OI at NITOC," because that doesn't sound that impressive. I decided I'd go with, "Quarterfinalist in Open Interpretive at Stoa's National Invitational Tournament of Champions." Pretty snazzy, huh? Especially the Champions part. They mean the same thing, but that sounds a lot more awesome. Yet, I still had a problem. In fact, I still have this problem. I can never tell when I'm supposed to use the words "interpretive" and "interpretation" regarding interps (which is an abbreviation for one or both of those words. Again, I have a hard time remembering).

This is odd, because interps are kind of my thing. They're what I do. I really should know what "interp" means. Suddenly, everything I know about speech and debate seems less concrete. Do I even know what any of the names mean? Do I even know what speech and debate is? What do I know? The uncertainty is just maddening!

So I found a solution. It's right here. Yes, the Stoa rules. I love this website. Basically, here's the logic behind interpretive/interpretation: DI, HI, OI, any other "I" speech, (Thematic, Original Open, all the crazy stuff the National Forensics League has, ect) and, of course, Duo, are referred to collectively as THE INTERPRETIVE SPEECHES. Individually, they are Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Open Interpretation, Thematic Interpretation, Original Open Interpretation, and Duo Interpretation. Why Interpretation? Why not Interpretive? I have no idea, but now we know. Yes, it's pretty exciting. And quite a breakthrough. Arguably shattering to every misconception you had about interps. I know how you must be feeling.  Don't ever mess them up again.

You're homeschooled. Or home schooled. Or home-schooled. I can't remember which.

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