Thursday, November 3, 2011

Postie's Jig

Postie's Jig (or "Postie's") has nothing to do with being homeschooled, being in speech and debate, or even being a kid. However, people who meet all three requirements tend to be fond of English Country Line Dancing. I guess it's better than the dancing public schoolers do. If you're not familiar with Postie's, it's quite the phenomenon. To a beginner, it seems a sort of beautiful chaos. 
"Okay, ready? FISHHOOK. You, over here. You're a post. You're a dancer. You go there. Hold hands with her. Girls go under, guys go over. Now go with the post. Now hold hands, and the couple closest to the music goes over... NO, OVER! Don't crash! ...never mind. Okay, girls, under, guys, over, post, go, SQUIGGLY. Ok... CAST OFF. Noowww, fishhook!"
And the game goes on. Or dance. Whatever.
It's very confusing. My first time doing Postie's, I was a mess. This one girl in my group would occasionally grab me by the shoulders and push me off in the direction I should go. It was very helpful. My second time was not much better. But my third, oh man. Something clicked. I now see the appeal in Postie's. 
If you don't know Postie's, ask a homeschooler to teach you. It's quite the adventure. We're obsessed with it. Four times in one night? Sure. Total exhaustion? Bring it.
You're homeschooled. Five, six, seven, eight, cast-off!

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