Saturday, November 19, 2011

Emailing Alumni

I've developed a wonderful habit of acquiring the email addresses of some of my favorite alumni at Round Robins. One fine lad wrote it on a ballot after judging me three times, asking that I feel free to email him with any questions about his comments or about speech in general. And I did. It was awesome. Then I saw him last summer and he told me to email him if I have any questions about debate. I have yet to do so. I haven't thought of any good questions yet.

Additionally, just today at a Round Robin, I spoke to another favorite alumni of mine, who nearly begged me to email one of my scripts to him so he could give advice. He also wanted me to do it for him at a competition sometime because he "loves giving feedback on presentation as well." This kid has won events like 400 times, plus he's awesome, so of course I didn't object. When I saw him, I was actually on my way to asking him if I could email him but he beat me to it.

Here's the thing: alumni miss competing. They want to be part of the action. An inquisitive email may bring tears of joy and nostalgia to their eyes. Or so I'm told. I've actually never been an alumni. Yet.

So grab a few alumni and email them every day for the rest of your career. Any questions pertaining to speech, debate, presentation skills, why Appearance should not be part of the ballot, the meaning of life, which trophies are the best, should medals be given to quarter-finalists who don't qualify, whether Nationals should require three checkmarks, ect. You know, the usual. I guarantee, they will LOVE you. Besides, they obviously have more free time than they know what to do with.

Have you ever emailed an alumni? What did you say? Did they reply? How many pages was the response? Probably a lot.

You're homeschooled. You've got mail.

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