Monday, November 21, 2011

When People Go To A Room To Specifically Watch Your Speech

There is no greater feeling for people like us who love to be in the spotlight than having an audience. Sometimes you get lucky and go right before someone really popular, so the fan club has to watch your speech before the popular one. Take that, fan club. You have to watch me first. Ha.

However, there are a couple of times when you just know, or at least suspect, or feel like assuming that someone is in your room to watch your speeches. Here are the scenarios:

1. A big, happy crowd

It has to be a happy crowd because people are far more likely to try to catch your HI or Duo than a Dramatic, sad OI, or pretty much anything else. I'm sorry. That the truth. So, if you walk into a crowded room and get the vibe that they really like you, as indicated by smiles, chuckles, laughs, guffaws or something, feel free to assume they camped out in that place to watch you. They love you. Embrace it.

2. The people who sneak into the room right before you start and slither out when you finish

I had one of these at the recent Round Robin. A really talented interper, who happens to be very nice, crept into my DI room right before I started. That speech has very little eye-contact, but when I did see him, he seemed genuinely interested. He virtually vanished the instant it was over. I'm convinced he came to watch me. I don't know for certain, but why not think that? People do that. You do that. I do that. It's a thing.

3. The kids that stalk you

"Hey Chandler, can I watch your speech? What room are you in?" I love hearing this question. Unless you are one of the two other Chandlers in Stoa, you've probably never had anyone ask you this. (No, actually, I'm not the only Chandler. The others are in... Oregon? Texas? I don't remember) But maybe you've heard it with your name. Isn't it wonderful? This time, you know for certain that they came to watch you. Awesome.

4. The traveling fan club
It happens to the popular kids. We've all been part of the fan clubs. We've all seen them. We've all had them leave right before we speak, which is awful. But sometimes, you realize, whoa. You have a fan club. What is this madness?? Awesome. Er.

Have you had any of these happen? Well, you better get ready.

You're homeschooled. Your audience awaits.

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