Saturday, November 5, 2011

Those People At Tournaments That You Sort Of Know

One fine day, I was innocently minding my own business outside of an impromptu room at a tournament. The room I was sitting in was connected to a ton of other rooms where a ton of speeches were going on. A lot of other people were waiting to go too. Some kids were sitting on the ground in circles with kids that they knew, but I didn't know anyone there so I was kind of a loner. But then I noticed something about one of the kids in the circle nearest me. It was his nametag I noticed. No, it probably didn't have any pretty decorations. I noticed his name. That's the great thing about nametags: they have people's names on them. Maybe you knew that already. Anyway, as soon as I saw his name, I thought to myself, Oh, hey, I know that guy!

I kind of didn't know him though. I mean, I hadn't ever talked to him before and I didn't recognize him. I just sort of knew him from seeing his name online. I feel like a stalker saying that, but it's true. Now we're friends, so it's not weird that I know his name any more. Which is good.

If you're anything like me, there are probably approximately 1 billion people who you see at each tournament that you kind of know and kind of don't. You've seen their speeches, but you've never talked to them. You've debated them, but you're not entirely sure they know who you are. You're not really friends, you're sort of "acquaintances." Who knows, maybe someday you will know them. I know a ton of people who I only sort of knew a year ago. It's pretty sweet.

What about you? Do you have people who you kind of know and kind of don't?

You're homeschooled, and I sort of knew that already.

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  1. It's really fun when there are those people where you know who they are, and you've talked to them before, but are unsure if they remember who you are. So you awkwardly say hello to them when you see them at some random party or dance or something, and they immediately ask you if you'll be their next partner. :D